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Field Pack with Hydration System



A well equipped section having Flat knitting Crochet machines of Swiss origin which are capable of producing versatile designs of netting and fabrics. The machines can knit any type and any count of yarn available thus giving flexibility in design and feel of the netting fabric. We have four machines which have working bed width of 3 meters, two machines of 2 meters bed width and seven machines of 1 meter bed width. These can knit bed spreads, sofa throws, cushion covers , shawls, nets and various complex designs. Every type of yarn, think of in textiles, be it natural or synthetic; and of any count, denier , Tex can be knit on these machines. The knitting unit is well supported by special machines like warping, two for one twister, cone winders, doubling machines and cord making machines .



The stitching unit is fully equipped and consists of 150 single needle industrial sewing machines , supported by all types of special machines , which are required to carry out special tasks . The stitching unit is capable of producing 100000 garments per month . The unit is capable of stitching any nature of work varying from light to heavy .


Caps Manufacturing

The manufacturing unit consists of industrial sewing machines , special machines and presses . It is capable of manufacturing various types of caps and hats. With its current capacity, it can produce 50000 caps/hats per month .



The unit is capable of making webbing and belts in numerous sizes and designs . It is equipped with 04 tape looms which can make webs upto 06 inches width and and 06 looms which can make webs up to 03 inches width . The unit is supported by an independent warping section having 01 set of warping machine and 03 cone winders .


Rubber Coating

We specialize in rubber coating on the fabrics which is then used to make various items like inflatable mattress, boats, life jackets etc. The unit consists of Rubber Coating Machine , Heat curing chamber and mixers .